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Conservation, Weatherization in the News

By Malea Guiriba
Hastings News, Posted March 4th, 2011
Earth Day is coming early to Hastings. From noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at the Hastings Branch Library, Flagler College Students in Free Enterprise will present Conservation Cadets Day. Earth-friendly activities and information will be the order of the day as the SIFE kids help Hastings reduce, reuse and recycle.


The Lord's Work

For the past 27 years, volunteer teens and adults from St. Catherine's have been coming to St. Augustine for week-long stays on two occasions each summer to perform a variety of tasks for the elderly and others in need.

There were nearly a dozen that mid-July afternoon performing a variety of activities at Bing's home. Add to that workers from the Housing Partnership, and it was difficult to find a spot to talk that wasn't occupied by someone painting a portion of the house, cutting lumber or performing one of a number of other tasks required to transform Bing's home.


A Blessing on Her Life: Volunteers Transform West Augustine Home

Volunteers from St. Catherine's Catholic Church in Orange Park work on the Bing home as part of the church's Urban Plunge project. Volunteers with Urban Plunge have been coming to St. Augustine to perform a variety of tasks for the elderly and disabled for the past 27 years.


Learn to Reduce Utility Expenses Through 'Weatherization' Demonstration

Weatherization includes fixing leaks in appliances — such as a gas stove — and improving insulation. Making the house less leaky also improves air quality.


Betty Durrance Helped by Weatherization

 Betty Durrance said her breathing problems used to flare up inside her Hastings home. She didn’t realize that her 30-year-old air conditioning unit was harming the air quality.


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