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What Is A Lis Pendens – And What Can You Do About It?

Receiving a Notice of Lis Pendens in St John’s County, Florida can be an intimidating and confusing event. That’s why its important you understand exactly what it means, and what you can do about it.

In a nutshell, what it means is that your bank or mortgage provider is aware that you’ve missed a few payments, and they now want you to pay the balance of your mortgage in full.

As a result they’ve filed a Lis Pendens (meaning “lawsuit pending”) in the St John’s County Court, which let’s the public know that your property is subject to legal action that may affect ownership the property. 

In other words, you are now facing foreclosure on your home.

However, it is important to remember that this is only the beginning of a rather lengthy process. There is still time to try save your home and lower your payments.

So act now, and:

  1. Learn how the foreclosure process works in St John’s County. Click here to see exactly what lies ahead.
  2. Protect yourself from foreclosure scams and con artists. Read the 5 most common warning signs here.
  3.  Get FREE Foreclosure and Loan Modification help from a government-approved non-profit agency like St John’s Housing Partnership. Click here  for more information, or call 904-819-1266.

Remember, the quicker you act, the more chance you have of avoiding foreclosure and saving your home. Contact St John’s Housing Partnership right now.

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