FHL Bank Atlanta

Taking Care of Veterans in St. Johns County

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At 87 years old and in failing health, Mr. Jackson needed some major repairs to continue to live in his home. After recently losing his wife of 58 years, he said he struggles every day withtears because hemisses her so badly. They shared this home for 55 years and he is surrounded by her memories. He wants to stay as long as possible.

Mr. Jackson served in the army during the Korean War and received a medal and a bronze star to honor his service. He doesn’t like to talk about his time in the military, he said he has painful memories of combat and prefers not to let his mind dwell on what he experienced. Mr. Jackson is an elder in his church, teaches Sunday school and tries to be a positive influence on the people in his life.

Luckily, the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) offers a program to assist veteran homeowners with the repairs necessary to continue to remain in their homes. The program sets aside 10% or their annual net income to invest back into their member communities for affordable housing programs. Mr. Jackson qualified for the Veterans & Returning Veterans Home Rehabilitation Program and upon approval of his application, work began. The SJHP collaborates with BB&T for the approval process and develops the scope of work, assists the homeowners to complete the paperwork and performs the construction work.

Mr. Jackson proudly showed me around his home to look at all the work provided by the SJHP and FHLB. He showed me the new floors and told me about how hard the construction crew worked to help him clear out some of the clutter so he could have them. He showed me his new heating and cooling system, an energy-efficient ductless mini-split, which will help reduce his monthly energy expenses. He told me he feels secure again now that his exterior doors are replaced and have new entry locks. He is grateful for the SJHP, FHLB and the work that has been done for him with the help of various funding sources. 

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, BB&T Bank (member organization), and the St. Johns Housing Partnership have combined resources and performed critical home repairs for over 15 veterans in 2014.  Our partnership will continue as we seek opportunities to help veterans in our community with critical home repairs.