Donation of Real Estate

o   We should encourage the 200+ clients we assist as well as others in the community to bequeath the residences that we helped them to remain in until they move on to the “upper room”

o   I’ve attached a few documents and brochures of why real estate should be donated and how the steps they should take

  • Impact Investing – Measurable Financial Return, Social return, and Environmental Impact

o   Impact investing refers to investments "made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable:

  • Social Impact
  • Environmental Impact
  • A Financial Return of Capital

o   In essence corporations and foundations can make impact investments provide capital to address affordable housing issues and still get a return like 3% over 5 years

o   Many foundations are allowed to invest more of their capital to one organization if the project allows the foundation to be paid back vs simply using a grant

o    Lenders – Private and Corporate

o   Partnering with a proven leader in Affordable Housing

o   Financial Returns

o   CRA Impact

o   List of Partners

o   Examples of other ways partners benefit by working with us

  • Permanent Financing by end-users
  • New checking accounts by current tenants
  • Logos on our media via signs, brochures, website, etc.
  • Current Projects Available For Partners