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“Thank You SJHP! You made a world of difference!”

– LaShay H.

Like many Floridians, St John’s County homeowner LaShay H., is a hardworking American who has struggled during the worst economy since the Great Depression.

After enduring one hardship after another, including a Home Affordable Modification Program application unexpectedly failing due to a medical condition, LaShay was almost ready to give up.

 “I just couldn’t afford the mortgage any more.”

In the past 12 months alone she’d experienced a burst hot water heater, problems with her insurance, and, to add insult to injury, she also suddenly lost her job of 8 years.

Naturally, LaShay really wanted to keep her home – but being so out-of-pocket, and with the odds seemingly stacked against her, it became really hard for her to cling to any hope.

Then, she came to a foreclosure workshop at St Johns Housing Partnership in August, 2012. She completed her personal two-hour counseling session on 9/11/2012 and her modification request was submitted to Bank of America on the very same day.

 “I arrived scared and desperate. I left empowered and filled with hope.”

Just over one week later she heard back from the bank – she was approved for a trial mortgage modification.

 “Those folks at SJHP explained everything, and helped make sure I got my application just right!”

Having also just found a new job, LaShay was able to comfortably meet all three trial payments. The result – she got a permanent mortgage modification with no trouble at all.

 “I get to keep my home!”

As you can imagine, Lashay H. was thrilled with the outcome – especially now that $52,030 has been forgiven, and her monthly payment is $448 a month less than what it was.

By attending a FREE Foreclosure Workshop and FREE Counseling Session at St John’s Housing Partnership, Lashay discovered exactly what programs were available to her, what she had to do, and when. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Remember: as a local non-profit, HUD-approved agency, SJHP is always ready to give FREE mortgage help and foreclosure assistance to owner-occupied homeowners who need it.

Contact us today to find out what we can do to help you keep your home.


Dear Sirs;

Thank you so very much for your great help in lowering our interest rate from our bank to prevent foreclosure.

We appreciate all the work done by the St. Johns Housing Partnership especially to avoid foreclosure. We now have affordable payments and we have you and your staff to thank for it.

We hope this information will help other people in the same situation to contact you.

Sincerely yours.
Frances & Frank




Gentlemen and Lady:

Subject: Appreciation and Commendation for St. Johns Housing Partnership

I recently attended a Foreclosure Prevention Workshop at St. Johns Housing Partnership led by one of your team members. The workshop was presented in a very professional, yet easy to understand manner. There was a free-flowing dialog which was helpful to all participants, followed by acceptance of each attendee’s application package.

I was fortunate enough to have my package reviewed by this team member and was subsequently scheduled for a one-on-one meeting with her. In my meeting she was already very familiar with all of my paperwork and my personal situation. She patiently explained my options to me and actually arranged a teleconference with my mortgagee to determine how they would be able to help me.

Your employees should be commended for the professional manner in which they handle these very personal matters. My helper showed compassion and understanding and actually pointed out misinformation that the mortgage broker gave me. Since our meeting she has followed up with an email to me and offered to help file my papers with the mortgagee when I am ready. St. Johns Housing Partnership is very fortunate to have employees of this caliber.

I feel very fortunate and grateful to live in St. Johns County. I spent 15 years working in Washington, DC and the services in the DC metro area cannot compare to St. Johns County. Further, the services I have received in the 12 years I’ve lived here from the Tax Collector’s Office and the Fire Department’s Station 14 have been greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for our wonderful County government.





Dear SJHP team,

I cannot say enough good things about the St. Johns Housing Partnership and its incredible staff. It’s a tremendous asset to have in our community.

After decades of home and business ownership, I found myself in a difficult situation with the very real possibility of losing my home. I was hesitant to ask for help and didn’t know where to go for that help as it was a first-time and hopefully last-time experience. I was blesses to be referred to SJHP.

From my first phone call to my last, I was treated with dignity and respect. The group meeting was well coordinated and provided both information and a comfort level in working with SJHP.

My counselor is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate professional working with a great team. She was able to complete an extremely favorable loan modification in less than 6 weeks. She took all the stress off my shoulders and truly enjoyed delivering the great news!

Thank you St. Johns Housing Partnership and St. Johns County!




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