Two Roofs for the Price of One

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The calls come in almost daily. “My roof is leaking,” the caller will say. “Can you help?” is the usually the next sentence. And in most cases, sadly the answer is no.

Leaking roofs are notorious for being a gateway repair. When inspectors examine roofs, one hole will lead to another, one loose shingle to another and in some cases, damage has already been done to the inside of the house as well.

SJHP applied to the TD Bank Foundation and told them about the roofs. TD Bank stepped up with $5000. In order to maximize the leverage of the donation, SJHP selected two women on the list whose needs seemed the greatest, Betty Cotton and Ruth Lowery.

Mrs. Cotton is in her 70’s lives alone and had worked up until just a few months ago, when health issues forced her stop. Her home and yard, which had once been featured in the St. Augustine Record garden section, quickly became overgrown.

When SJHP inspector Arty Taylor visited her home, he found a tar paper roof that had been completely covered by vegetation. After inspecting the inside of the home, Taylor quickly realized there were some immediate health and safety concerns.

Leveraging various funds, including some of the last remaining SHIP funds and the money from TD Bank, SJHP was able to repair much of the interior of Mrs. Cotton’s home. With the other half of the TDF grant, SJHP set out to help Mrs. Lowery. She needed a new roof too. With a generous donation from the TD Bank Foundation, help from her church and her own savings, Mrs. Lowery was able to get a new roof. With a little creativity, two elderly homeowners now have safe and healthy homes.

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