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SJHP is a local, non-profit, HUD certified housing counseling agency offering a number of services and programs to inform you about the default and foreclosure process, and provide solutions. Best of all, all of our services are free to homeowners!

Whether you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments, need help establishing a budget, or are saving for your first home — you will find the answers at our workshops. We offer access to government funded programs, group classes and individual counseling to help you navigate complicated financial situations.

SJHP Services

  • Foreclosure Prevention
    Our Foreclosure Prevention Education Workshops will help you understand how to prevent foreclosure, what alternatives exist for you, and what special programs you may be eligible for. We have attorneys onsite to answer housing related legal questions you may have.
  • Credit Counseling
    Unsure how to repair bad credit or build good credit? Our counselors can help you improve your FICO credit. Once you build a solid payment history, you can manage debt, build credit, and obtain a mortgage with reasonable rates.
  • Financial Literacy & BudgetingLoans, mortgages, and credit can be complex. Our counselors help you learn money management
    skills to keep your income balanced with your expenses, establish credit, pay down debt, and save for a home.
  • First Time Home Buyer EducationPotential homeowners receive an 8-hour HUD Certified Course on all aspects of buying a home. We also offer affordability testing to match your budget with a mortgage. Other topics covered include: how to apply for a loan, negotiate a contract, understand your credit and the closing process.

SJHP Housing Programs

  • Home Affordable Modification Program — government loan modification program that can change the terms of your mortgage to lower your monthly payments and bring your loan current.
  • In-House Modification Program — a program specific to each lender, providing modifications for homeowners who may not qualify for government programs.
  • Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative — allows for selling your home for less than what is owed or deeding it back to the lender. This option can release homeowners from shortages or deficiencies with their lenders.

After attending a Foreclosure Prevention Education Workshop, you will have a one-on-one meeting with an SJHP counselor to review the option that best meets your needs.

Contact our office for a class schedule or to make an individual appointment, 904-819-1266.

Please download (click here) and bring the documents to the workshop for review and to schedule your next counseling session.