Rental Programs – Multi-family and Single Family:

  • Purchase of Southern Villas to preserve 60 units of subsidized housing for elderly and handicapped renters. Weatherization retrofit improved comfort, utility bills and indoor air quality. A thorough retrofit of the property is underway and will be an example of one of the first green certified multi-family rehabs in Florida.
  • The SJHP owns 12 single family rental properties, 9 of which were donated as part of the SJC Neighborhood Stabilization Program. Each property has had energy conservation improvements as part of keeping the cost of rent and utilities as affordable as possible for eligible tenants.

SJHP Buys Houses

SJHP buys houses in targeted communities whose viability has been and continues to be damaged by the economic effects of properties that have been foreclosed upon or abandoned. SJHP utilizes multiple funding sources and donations to apply green retrofits to each property purchased, thereby reducing maintenance costs. The home is then rented to low income tenants, allowing them the opportunity to enjoy affordable living and better air quality. These properties are no longer a blight in the respective communities and are now one of the “best performing” homes in the area.