Through volunteer labor and tax-deductible donations of money, land, and materials, St. Johns Housing Partnership (SJHP) builds or rehabilitates simple, decent houses. Families are selected based on their level of need, willingness to work, acceptance of responsibilities, and ability to repay a mortgage.

Your donation can assure an elderly person ages in place safely and with the dignity they deserve, or a family is able to remain in their home without fear of foreclosure. SJHP maximizes all donations through long-standing partnerships that provide materials and the “people-power” necessary to implement these services.

St. Johns Housing Partnership is a 501c3 charitable organization. Our projects are funded primarily by private donations from individuals, community groups, corporations, government programs, charities, foundations, schools, and religious organizations.

Volunteers are a key part of the SJHP strategy for helping our neighbors.  If you are willing to assist with volunteer projects please sign up. You don’t have to have special skills to volunteer. We can always find something that you can do and we might just teach you a new skill so you can help!  Of course, we can always use people with specific skills who are willing to donate time, (carpenters, plumbers, roofers, electricians painters, etc,).  SJHP staff develops the work plans for each volunteer project based on the need and availability of volunteers and they supervise all work.  Through the volunteer experience, you might even pick up some new information or a skill that could be helpful in caring for your own home.  We guarantee you will leave feeling good about being involved and helping someone in need.

Do you have a special talent that you might be willing to share with SJHP? What are you really good at that would benefit the organization? Would serving on the board be something you might like to do? How about working on a committee? Maybe you just want to be available to offer advice from time to time on specific projects. If you would be willing to serve as an advisor or be more actively involved in supporting the organization please let us know how you would like to contribute! Some examples are financing, real estate, property management, organizational skills, mortgage/credit counseling experience, computer/website/photography, writing, and volunteer recruitment.

Please look through the following positions we need help with. If you feel inspired to volunteer, let us know through the Contact menu link at the top of the page!

  • Search Engine Marketing Expert
  • Video Producer/Editor
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Fundraising Development Strategist
  • Direct Response Copywriter
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Expert
  • Internet Researcher – Work from Home
  • Construction Captain
  • Project Lead
  • Home Safety Installer