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The first and perhaps major difference noticed by most all of the residents after their apartments have been weatherized is a reduction in their utility bills.

  •  A Clay County resident noted “a significant difference in my monthly electric bill per month by almost half. I compared my current bill to last year’s. Big change. The improvement is amazing!”
  • A grateful Lake County recipient said: “Since this work was done, my bill has been cut in half.”
  • “I work hard for my money. With the cost of every-thing going up, it’s nice to look forward to a lower electric bill. Thank you so much.”
  • “My electric bill dropped by $70.”
  • “Awesome good job. My utility bill dropped down 60 percent!”
  • “My power bill has been cut in half thanks to the improvements. Now I can get things the kids need.
  • “Everything smells better.”
  • “I’ve noticed the apartment doesn’t get as dusty.”
  • With the extra vents added, my apartment stays the same temperature throughout.”
  • My kitchen window is in direct sunlight but now, with the tint, it stays cool all day.”
  • The new air conditioner is so quiet.”
  • “The hot water heater is great!”
  • “Now with the cooler weather here, it helps to keep the warm in and the cold out.”
  • “I’m saving money! I would like to see this program continue to help others.


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