Are you struggling to pay your mortgage due to loss of income, change of household circumstances or increase in expenses? We have HUD Certified Counselors to help you explore every option.

SJHP is a regional, non-profit, HUD-certified housing counseling agency offering a number of services and programs to inform you about the default and foreclosure process and provide solutions. Best of all, all of our services are free to homeowners!

Our Foreclosure Prevention programs will help you understand how to prevent foreclosure, what alternatives exist for you, and what special programs you may be eligible for.

Please contact our offices at (904) 819-1266 to request additional information about our programs and/or for an individual appointment. We provide services in all of Northeast Florida.

Whether you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments or are in danger of falling behind — you will find the answers with one of our HUD Certified Housing Counselors. We offer access to community-funded programs, modification services, and individual counseling to help you navigate complicated financial situations.

Read an excerpt from the newsletter of The HUD Office of Housing Counseling, The Bridge, Volume 7, Issue 8, March/April 2019 about our commitment to saving homes! Click here or on the image above.

Financial Education/Homeownership
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Mortgage Intake

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