SJHP, Creekside High Engineering Club Helps Elderly Woman

The St. Johns Housing Partnership was able to impact yet another homeowner in need through the volunteer support of the Creekside High Engineering Club!

The SJHP client, Ms. D, was an elderly woman who lived alone. Creekside built her ramp in 2019 and at the time, her deck was not in need of repair.

She recently contacted SJHP about rotten boards. Creekside was enlisted to build a new one!

Thank you, Kevin Davenport and the Creekside High Engineering Club, for your continued support and the impact you have on the lives of others!

Notice that their shirts say, “Live Generously”!

SJHP has three people in need of ramps. Please consider a donation of any amount at https://sjhp.networkforgood.com/…/98955-how-can-you…