Tired Landlord? Seller Finance your properties to SJHP to Guarantee Payments and Leave the Maintenance To Us

As a landlord, you wear a lot of hats. You are the property owner, so all the financial responsibility is legally on you. You might be the plumber, handyman, rent collector and property manager. Being a landlord is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. But how do you know when it’s time to explore new options? The tenant hassles, the endless problems, the late-night emergency maintenance phone calls, and more can make owning and renting a property more trouble than it is worth.

We buy houses in any condition and in any area from tired landlords. If you like the income from rentals, but not the headache, upgrade to Lender status! You do this by owner financing your home to SJHP. We’ll continue to provide you a monthly cashflow but without all the headaches of dealing with tenants. And because you sold the property on terms vs cash, you’ll save on capital gains. This could be a huge savings. It’s a Win-Win for everyone!

Maybe your rental property just isn’t what you thought it would be. Perhaps it’s too far from the center of the city and you have trouble getting quality tenants. Maybe property management has taken over your life and you want to take back control. Maybe you can’t keep up with the necessary repairs from daily wear and tear.

We’ve worked with tired landlords who are in situations like these:

I’m a landlord and I’m not making any money.

Maybe your tenants just don’t pay on time, or worse, not at all. Renovations could be adding up. As properties age, they need a little more upkeep and maintenance. On top of that, at some point every house needs a major overhaul and renovation. There could be plumbing issues or roof leaks that you have to take care of. Natural disasters hit and you may be on the hook after the property is faced with fire or water damage. Perhaps the house has fallen into such disrepair that the rent money you do earn has to go back into the house leaving you with zero in profit.

After all, you initially became a landlord to earn extra cash flow every month. If you’re in this situation, we can definitely help. This is the #1 reason landlords contact us.


I’m a landlord and my tenants are the worst.

Tenants calling because of a burst pipe 9pm on a Friday night. Can’t get ahold of a plumber, but when you do they charge you an arm and a leg. Tenants abusing the property.
And squatters…when the property goes vacant, eventually they’ll show up

Quick Story
In one of our properties, we had a tenant was arrested for a domestic situation with a girlfriend, that was not our tenant. He can’t post bail so he has to remain in jail. She then files a restraining order to stay 1000 feet from her. Well, after of course she moves into our our property without a lease!

Now this is February of 2020. He missed January’s rent and we tried to work with him with no response, so we file for an eviction. We receive an eviction judgment but now its March 2020. Right when Covid-19 occurred and the governor issued a moratorium on evictions and the sheriff would not execute a Writ of Possession (force the tenant and all occupants to leave the premises).

So now we have a tenant in jail, a squatter (with lots of other male friends throwing weekend parties). She has a restraining order that bars our sole tenant, from coming within 1000 feet of her, at her new residence! So now we’re out of several months rent, don’t know who she is and have to figure out a way to get her out, weekend parties causing disturbances with the neighbors and continuing damage to our property. All while there’s a moratorium on evictions. Great day to be a landlord right?

We figured out a way to get her out, but look at the time and money we lost. Fortunately, we have a large number of rentals in our portfolio to offset these hiccups that occur regularly.

I’m a landlord and I just can’t afford it.

Quite often rental properties we buy have lots of you deferred maintenance and repairs. The financial drain is very stressful. The rent isn’t covering the cost of running the property anymore, let alone turn a profit and actually get some cashflow. At this point it may be in your best interest to sell the rental property in as-is condition for cash or monthly payments via an Installment Sale. Don’t worry about expensive repairs but still get cash or a monthly check.

Things like a new roof, flooring or carpeting, plumbing updates, etc. can cost tens of thousands of dollars. During construction you can’t rent the property right. Managing contractors, who may or may not show up, cost overruns because you didn’t know that pipe was a clay pipe and tree roots have grown inside the pipe. Just a very stressful situation for landlords who depend on the monthly income from rent.

You don’t have to stress any longer. You have options! If you’re tired of dealing with maintenance, repairs, tenants, toilets, property management, late rent, evictions, and more, contact SJHP today using this form or simply call us at 904-824-0902. We buy houses from distressed, tired landlords in north Florida and help them find the unique solution for their rental property headaches.